General FAQ

What are Masterbucks?

Masterbucks are an alternative online currency that acts as a medium of exchange as people barter their original content for goods and services. Masterbucks never expire, are fully transferrable, and convert 1:1 to the US Dollar.

What can I do with my Masterbucks?

Anything that you can ordinarily do with "real world" currencies such as the US Dollar. You can buy or sell products, or use it as a mechanism to barter goods or services with other parties.

Where can I use Masterbucks?

Masterbucks can be used in any of the more than 8,000 online stores in the Epik Network of sites. These stores carry everything from socks to computers, and everything in between. In addition, an increasing number of physical businesses accept Masterbucks as a valid form of payment. For a full list of vendors, please visit

How does Masterbucks work?

Visitors to sites can create custom content such as articles or reviews, and are paid for their services in Masterbucks. They can then use those funds to purchase products in several thousand online stores, just like regular dollars.

How do Masterbucks benefit my business?

Masterbucks is an invaluable service for businesses. many businesses, especially those online, try to encourage people to create custom content not hire sites (articles, reviews, etc). Masterbucks gives users an incentive to do so, and then they convert those very masterbucks into a product sale. So you get content creation and new customers at the same time!

How can I send money to someone using Masterbucks?

With Masterbucks, we try to make things as easy as possible. Sending Masterbucks to your friends is super-easy. Simply click on "Send Money", enter their ID and the mount, and hit "Send" The appropriate amount will be deducted from your account and added to their's.