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Masterbucks is an online currency that lets you convert your comments and opinions into cash, products, and services. And the greater your reputation, the more you can earn.

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Why Masterbucks

With Masterbucks, users can turn their blog articles and product reviews into cash, products, or services. Many product sites encourage visitors to write articles or reviews about their wares. Those contributors can be paid in masterbucks and then spend those earnings on many thousand of online and physical stores.

How it works

Visitors to sites can create custom content such as articles or reviews, and are paid for their services in Masterbucks. They can then use those funds to purchase products in several thousand online stores, just like regular dollars.

Is It good for business?

Masterbucks is an invaluable service for businesses. many businesses, especially those online, try to encourage people to create custom content not hire sites (articles, reviews, etc). Masterbucks gives users an incentive to do so, and then they convert those very masterbucks into a product sale. So you get content creation and new customers at the same time!

How to Send Money

With Masterbucks, we try to make things as easy as possible. Sending Masterbucks to your friends is super-easy. Simply click on "Send Money", enter their ID and the mount, and hit "Send" The appropriate amount will be deducted from your account and added to their's.